I have submitted a repair ticket or have been told the device couldn’t be repaired, what happens next?


Your Site Based Technician (SBT) will evaluate the issue and respond:

Note:  If your site does NOT have an SBT, User Support Services technicians will respond directly to the ticket.

  • If the issue can be fixed quickly (e.g., replacing a cable/cord, a device swap, re-imaging the computer, clearing a printer jam, replacing  a toner cartridge, etc.), the repair time will be determined by priority and the number of other tickets assigned.
  • If the issue cannot be fixed with a quick repair (e.g., requires extensive troubleshooting, replacement parts, vendor intervention, etc.):
    • The repair may be escalated directly to the vendor (e.g., Advanced Imaging Solutions (AIS) addresses issues with the current “on-bid” Kyocera printer models)
    • The repair may be escalated to a User Support Services technician.  Escalated tickets may be addressed in a variety of ways:
      • Device may be repaired immediately if replacement components are available.
      • Replacement components may be ordered and the repair completed when they are received.
      • The entire device may be replaced by a refurbished device (possibly of a different model) if this is the most practical solution.
      • The repair may be declined (SEE SCENARIOS BELOW).

In the following scenarios, the individual who submitted the ticket will automatically receive a quote for the cost of procuring the replacement component and a suggested vendor.  Once the replacement component is received, a second ticket may be submitted and a USS technician will assist with the installation.

User Support Services may decline a computer/printer repair based on the following criteria:

  • The device is repairable, but the repair is not covered under warranty:
    • The issue is the result of accidental damage or vandalism.
    • The failed component is considered “consumable”, meaning that the user is responsible for procuring the replacement component.
  • The device is repairable, but the device is no longer covered under warranty (the warranty has expired)
  • The device is identified as beyond economic repair (BER):
    • The cost of the repair is approaching the cost of a comparable device currently available through the CCSD shopping cart.
    • The device is no longer supportable due to age and/or availability of replacement components.
  • The device is not a standard CCSD model and therefore is not supported by USS.

In these scenarios the individual who submitted the ticket will automatically receive notification explaining why the device is not repairable.  Sites may request the removal of devices identified as BER by the Purchasing and Warehousing department.


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