Even though CCSD has officially changed email programs from Interact to Google, Active Directory (AD) password resets will continue to be sent to your Interact email address until further notice.

If you are unable to log in to your computer or applications, click one of the category titles below to get information on how to reset each password type.

Active Directory (AD) & Infinite Campus

To reset and/or change your password, go to myaccount.ccsd.net.

After your password has been reset, please wait 15 mins before logging in to allow all systems to synchronize.

Active Directory is the account used to log into District computers and access District resources. (Most servers can only be accessed from a computer on the CCSD network.) Many District systems also use AD login credentials to obtain access such as:

  • Canvas LMS – Online learning management system used by both students and employees for digital classrooms (with Infinite Campus grade book integration), collaboration, and professional development
  • CA Service Desk – Technical issue tracking and knowledge base system
  • CCSD DataLab – Provides interactive student achievement data visualizations
  • CCSD WiFi/e and VPN – Wireless network and remote access – additional rights required
  • Clever – A single hub for students and teachers to access applications or online software
  • Curriculum Engine – CCSD web application for lesson planning and quick access to curriculum and standards
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) – Website to view your payroll information, leave balances, and employee benefits
  • Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS) – CCSD’s professional development tracking, registration, and learning management system, as well as the submission and tracking of contact units for licensed employees
  • Infinite Campus – Student information system used by central and school office personnel, teachers, etc
  • OnePlace – Free CCSD/PBS sponsored resource that provides access to purchased and approved digital content
  • SearchSoft – Applicant tracking system for the hiring process (school administration and office staff only)
  • NSweb Account Management Portal (SBT only)

NOTE:  Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 for best results.


InterAct™ is the District’s legacy email and collaboration system and has been replaced with G Suite (Google) as of January 1, 2018. On August 1, 2018, the ability to send and receive mail, including calendar notifications, was disabled in InterAct™ . If you have any remaining data you wish to preserve, you will need to save it as a file.

The InterAct™ login and password are different from your AD account.

To reset and/or change your password, go to ccsdapps.net, find the “First Class Support (INTERACT SUPPORT)” section and select the “Enter App” button.


If you would like to reset your Mainframe password and/or you want to register in the Mainframe Password Reset system, go to pwreset.tiss.ccsd.net.
This is an internal link that can only be accessed from within CCSD.

Otherwise call the USS Help Desk 702-799-3300  – Option 3.


To initiate a request to have your Voicemail password reset, Click Here
You will need to include your school or department name and the full WAN number [Site Code + Extension].

FAMIS (Facilities & Asset Management Information System)

To reset your FAMIS password, call the FAMIS Help Desk 702-799-0836.

SAP – Shopping Cart

To reset your ERP/SAP password – Click Here
If further assistance is needed to reset your ERP/SAP password, call the USS Help Desk 702-799-3300 – Option 3.


To reset your EasyTrac password, call the USS Help Desk 702-799-3300 – Option 3.

USS Website Access (SBTs only)

To reset your USS password, Click Here or call the USS Help Desk 702-799-3300.
This is an internal link that can only be accessed from within CCSD.

G Suite (Google)

To reset and/or change your password, go to myaccount.ccsd.net.

As a CCSD employee, you already have a G Suite (Google) account. This account allows you to send and receive emails, create appointments and events on your calendar, store files (e.g., documents, photos, music, etc.) and generally communicate with other employees using additional built-in applications.

Your G Suite account login name is your Active Directory (AD) username (this is also the “name” you use to log into your computer and Infinite Campus) combined with the address that CCSD has chosen to use (this address is also known as a “domain”.) CCSD’s address is: @nv.ccsd.net
For example, Jane Smith’s AD username is smithj3. Jane will use smithj3@nv.ccsd.net as her G Suite account login name and email address.

To login to your CCSD Google account (also known as G Suite), launch a web browser and type Google.com into the address line.  Then select “Mail” in the upper right corner.

NOTE: If you already have a Gmail account separate from the District’s, that mailbox may have been displayed when you went to Google.com.  If that happens, click on the Accounts icon (upper right corner – either your picture or your first initial within a circle will be displayed) and select Add Account.