Communication methods for resetting AD (Active Directory) passwords default to the email address or cellular number (for SMS text messaging) you have entered into . If you cannot receive messages from at least one of those methods, you will need to call the User Support Services Help Desk at (702)799-3300 during our regular hours of operation.

If you are unable to log in to your computer or applications, select one of the links below to get information on how to reset each password type.

To reset and/or change your password, go to


CCSD uses Active Directory (AD) to manage the account you use to login to school district computers and applications. Most district applications can only be accessed from a computer on the CCSD network, however, systems used for parents, hiring , or interfacing with the community may be internet accessible. Many school district systems use AD login credentials. These include:

  • Infinite Campus (Student information system used by central and school office personnel, teachers, etc.)
  • G Suite/Google (CCSD’s Email & Collaboration system)
  • ELMS (CCSD’s professional development tracking, registration, & learning management system)
  • Canvas LMS (Learning management system used by both students & teachers.)
  • CCSD DataLab (Provides staff with interactive student achievement data visualizations.)
  • OnePlace (Free CCSD/PBS sponsored resource that provides access to purchased and approved digital content.)
  • CCSD WiFi/e (wireless network)
  • VPN Connections (remote access – additional rights required)
  • CA Service Management (Service Desk – Request/Issue tracking  & Knowledge Base)
  • NSweb Account Management Portal (SBT only)
  • FAMIS (Facilities’ ticketing system)
  • EasyTrac (IEP tracking)
  • HCM Applications (PeopleSoft, Teleo, Strategic Budget)
  • User Support Services (tools for SBT’s, tech reporting, form automation)


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To reset your ERP/SAP password go to the ERP Portal
If further assistance is needed , call the USS Help Desk (702)-799-3300.

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The User Support Services website houses resources for CCSD technicians such as, application installers, OS/application repair utilities, and reports regarding equipment in use at all of our locations connected to the CCSD network. To access the site, you must manually create an account using your other CCSD accounts (Email, AD username, etc.). Alternatively, your Site Administrator or USS Manager (SBTs) may have already had the account created for you. If you are unable to access information about your site(s), you may need to have your Administrator send in a request to assign permissions.

To reset your password, go to theUSS website account recovery page or call the USS Help Desk 702-799-3300.
This is an internal link that can only be accessed from within CCSD.

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To reset your password, submit this Telecom Form
You will need to include your school or department name and the full WAN number [Site Code + Extension].

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