My device won’t connect to the internet or server on WiFi (wireless)


My device won’t connect to the internet or server. What can I do to resolve the issue?

  • Check to see it the WiFi settings are set to On. Depending on the device, this may be a switch, keyboard combination or in the settings window.
    • Mobile devices:
      • Open settings and ensure the slider to WiFi is set to On
      • Check that airplane mode is set to Off
    • Laptops/Notebooks:
      • Some can be enabled/disabled by:
        • FN key + a key on the keyboard. 
          • Look for a wireless icon on one of the other keys.
        • Slider switch on either the side of the laptop.
  • Forget the network and re-scan so you can put in the Pre-shared key or CCSD-WiFi key again. If you were using the “CCSD-WIFI” network, your AD password may have changed and needs to be updated.
  • Ensure you are typing the correct server name.
    1. Not all servers are available at all locations.
    2. Make sure you aren’t connected to a non-ccsd Wi-Fi network.
  • Check if another device can connect from your location.
  • Contact Support:
    1. From a working computer, launch the Quick-IT program to submit a ticket to your Site Based Technician.
    2. Contact your Site Based Technician
    3. Contact the Help Desk at 702-799-3300
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