My device cannot connect to the internet (Wired, non-Wi-Fi)


My device cannot connect to the internet. What can I do to resolve the issue?

  • Verify you can connect to your server (your U:/ drive).
    • If you can, there may be an outage with our internet vendor or your settings might be incorrect.
    • Contact your Site Based Technician.
  • Verify the network cable is plugged into the computer and the wall.
  • If it is going through a mini-switch (usually, 5-6 network ports and a small power cable) at the desk or table, reset the power and cables going to/from the mini-switch.
  • Check all of the cables on the switch to make sure each connects to a seperate device.
    1. If any are only connected on one end, remove them (permanently) and set to the side until needed.
    2. If any connect on both ends to the switch, remove that cable and set to the side as well. This would short out the data transmissions on the switch and possibly in other rooms.
    3. Examine the switch, if it has antennae or says the word “router” anywhere on it, remove it from the network and contact your Site Based Technician.
  • Bypass the mini-switch by taking the network cable going from the wall to the switch, then plugging it directly in from the wall to your computer.
  • Try a different (known good) network port.
  • If you still cannot connect to the network:
    • From a working computer, launch the Quick-IT program to submit a ticket to your Site Based Technician.
    • Contact your Site Based Technician
    • Contact the Help Desk at 702-799-3300
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