Print Quality Issues


My printer page is smeared or streaked. What can I do to resolve the issue?

  • Normally, the toner needs to be changed
    • Before opening or  buying a new toner cartridge, test it with another toner cartridge. Try to swap a toner cartridge from another working printer of the same model.
    • If the problem goes away, it is a bad toner cartridge.
    • If the problem is not resolved by replacing the cartridge, you will need to submit a work order.
    • If the toner smears, it may have a bad component or debris like a mailing label stuck internally, you will need to submit a work order.
    • If this is a color printer and it has been moved recently, it may just need to be relocated to a level surface. Hot wax based color printers can be sensitive to very slight inclines.
      • Submit a work order and do not attempt to move or relocate this printer. Moving wax based color printers can spill the wax reservoir into the internal mechanism and cause additional problems.
  • If none of the above solutions resolved the issue:
    • From a working computer, launch the Quick-IT program to submit a ticket to your Site Based Technician.
    • Contact your Site Based Technician
    • Contact the Help Desk at 702-799-3300
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