I am not able to log into Infinite Campus with my AD account.


I am not able to log into Infinite Campus with my AD account. What might cause this?

Some reasons include:

  • You were not provisioned for IC because an IC Request form was not filled out and submitted. This is to be approved and submitted by your site administrator.
  • Your AD password is incorrect or has expired.
    • You can try our  Password Reset Page to regain access to your account.
  • Your AD account has been moved (i.e. per a location change) and will need to be enabled.
    • Contact your SBT (Site Based Technician).
  • Your AD Account is being locked due a bad/old password immediately after you reset it.
    • Check to see if you have a device with a saved password on the CCSD Wi-Fi (Phone, tablet, etc.). You can remove the connection and delete your credentials from the device and re-establish the connection after your password has been reset.
    • Check to see if an application, such as bookmarked ccsd websites that log in after a restart of your workstation, is using saved credentials to log you in.  This Microsoft article contains instructions for accessing the Credential Manager.
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