Google Controller Account Request for School Based Staff


Note: Only school based staff who are not SBTs and have been directed by their school’s Administration to request Google Controller Accounts, should use this form.

  • If you are a School Based Technician (SBT) assigned to a school(s), this form is not necessary. You will automatically have a GC (Google Controller) account created for each School to which you are assigned, if applicable.
  • (SBTs) If you have only received credentials for one of your schools:
    • Contact your USS SBT manager to make sure you were flagged as the SBT at the missing school.
    • Once that is submitted/corrected, the second account will be auto-created and you will receive a separate “GC” login for that site’s Google Controller Account.
  • GC accounts are not linked to AD or your employee G Suite account.
    • They are a seperate “Google-Only” web login.
    • You will need to log into them individually to access each site you are maintaining.
    • If you need to reset the password on a GC account, you will need to have a ticket created for Networking Services (NS-Servers) to reset the password.


This is an internal form that can only be accessed from within CCSD.
Go to the Networking Services Server Unit‘s website to complete the form.

For questions about or assistance with Google Controller access, please email

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