Request to Send a Districtwide ParentLink Message

By default, school administrators and those granted the Building Communicator role in Infinite Campus are able to send messages. To login, use your AD credentials. To submit a request to send a district wide message, complete the ParentLink Message Request form.

Canvas Controller Access Request

The form below can be used to request access for up to three Canvas Controllers for each CCSD location. A person can be a controller at multiple locations. Submit a separate form for each person for a given location. Canvas Controller Request Form

Instructional Material Purchase Approval Form

The Instructional Material Purchase Approval Form is required to be attached to the SAP shopping cart when purchasing Instructional Material (Core or Supplemental) that is not adopted by the Nevada Department of Education.

HCM Rights Request

**NEW** HCM rights requests can now be submitted. HCM Rights Request Form.pdf   Please note: All requests must be submitted by the central office administrator or the principal for the site. In the absence of the central office administrator or principal, the request must be submitted by a higher level of authority. Users cannot request their own access.  […]

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