How do I add an emergency contact?

Emergency contacts are added as non-household relationships.

To add a new emergency contact:

  1. Go to the Search tab, select Household from the dropdown, and search for the household by name.
  2. Find the student in question in the results pane and click on their name.
  3. Once you are brought to the student information screen, click on the Relationships
  4. Click the New Non-Household Relationship
  5. Once the Person Search window appears, enter as much search criteria as possible (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Birth Date, Gender).
  6. Click Search. You will either select the desired contact’s name from the list of results, or click the Create New Person

(This information can be found on page 22 of the CCSD Census Manual via InterAct > District Link > Infinite Campus > Census.)


How do I update a household?

  1. Households must always be updated via the Census Wizard tool (Census > Census Wizard).
    1. Examples of updates to a household include adding a new member, changing an address, changing a household type from Primary to Secondary, etc.
  2. To select the household in need of updating, you will use the search fields within the Census Wizard, and not the Search tab on the left.


How do I change the address in a household?

To change the address for a household:

  1. Go to Census > Census Wizard.
  2. Using the Census Wizard search fields, locate the household in question (enter student number, household name, etc.).
  3. Select the name of the household from the results pane on the left. The household name, address, and member names will appear in the box titled “Editing an Existing Household” on the right.
  4. Still using the Census Wizard search fields, click on Clear Search Fields and search for the new address.
  5. Select the desired address from the results pane on the left. It will auto-populate into the box on the right.
  6. Click on Continue – Step 2>>.
  7. On the next page, under Household Locations, enter an end date for the old address and uncheck the Mailing
  8. Enter a start date for the new address and mark Mailing.
  9. Click Save & Continue – Step 3>>. You have now changed the address for the household.


How do I find errors in my household data?

You can ascertain whether or not your households have errors by regularly running the Error Check reports that are located in both the Secondary Registrar and Elementary School Clerk filter folders (via Ad Hoc Reporting > Filter Designer or Data Export).


What reports can I run to find my own household errors?

The Error Check reports are located in both the Secondary Registrar and Elementary School Clerk filter folders (via Ad Hoc Reporting > Filter Designer or Data Export). Some available reports include:

  1. ErrorCheck – Students with no guardians
  2. ErrorCheck – Students without a current household
  3. ErrorCheck – Students no address on household
  4. ErrorCheck – Students in a household by themselves
  5. ErrorCheck – More than one primary household


What is the procedure for assigning a new teacher to a section after the school year has already begun (i.e. when a teacher leaves the school)?

To assign a new teacher to a section that has already had another teacher assigned since the start of the school year, someone with Scheduler rights would do the following:

  1. Search for the section (by selecting Course/Section from the Search dropdown), select the appropriate section from the results pane on the left, and go to the Staff History
  2. Click on the former teacher’s name, displaying a Staff History Detail box below, and enter the appropriate End Date for that teacher (which should be the last day that the teacher taught the class).
  3. Click New Primary Teacher at the top of the page.
  4. Under the *Name dropdown, choose the appropriate teacher’s name, and enter a Start Date for their teaching assignment (should be the next instructional day after the former teacher’s end date).
  5. Click the Save button.