How do I run a report for perfect attendance?

To run a report for perfect attendance:

  1. From the Index, go to Attendance > Reports > Period Count.
  2. Under Which students would you like to include in the report?, choose Ad Hoc Filter. You must have an Active Students Only filter already created (student.activeToday =TRUE is the only parameter needed). Select that filter from the Ad Hoc list.
  3. For Enrollment Effect Date, enter the date from which you would like to run the report (i.e. the first day of school).
  4. For Start Date, enter the date from which you would like to run the report.
  5. For End Date, enter the ending date for which you would like to run the report (i.e. yesterday’s date).
  6. In the “Having at least” box, enter 0.
  7. In the “Having at most” box, enter 0.
  8. For Status, mark the “All
  9. For Excuse, mark every box except for “Exempt.”
  10. Click on Generate Report.


How do I create attendance letters?

To create attendance letters

  1. Attendance letters are created via Attendance > Attendance Letters.
  2. From your folder (i.e. Elementary School Clerk), select the letter you would like to run (i.e. *15 Truancy Letter),
  3. Click on Preview and Print Letters.

For any questions or concerns regarding attendance letters, please contact SDS Help.


How often should I create attendance letters? 

Any procedural questions regarding attendance letters and how often they should be run should be directed to SDS Help in InterAct.


What is a batch attendance change, and how/when do I use it?

  1. A batch attendance change is performed when changing attendance codes en masse in IC.
  2. It is utilized via the Attendance Wizard tool (Attendance > Attendance Wizard).
  3. The most common use for the Attendance Wizard is when changing “Unknown” absences to “Unverified” (when students have had an absence with no excuse note).
  4. For detailed instructions on how to use the Attendance Wizard, go to InterAct > District Link > Infinite Campus > Attendance > Mass Changing Daily Attendance (for either Secondary or ES).

To find out how often attendance should be mass changed, please contact SDS Help in Interact.


Where is the NV Attendance Summary Report, and how often should I run it?

  1. The NV Attendance Summary report is located via NV State Reporting > NV Attendance Summary Report.
  2. It is to be run on a weekly basis throughout the school year. The Start Date must be a Monday.


Where can I locate and access the Behavior forms (i.e. expulsion packets, RPC forms, etc.) in IC?

The path for locating and filling out a Behavior form for a student is Student Information > Health > General > Documents tab. From here, you would click on New Document, mark the checkbox for Create New Simple Form, and select the desired form from the Select a Form . . . dropdown list. After selecting the form, click Create Document.


How do I enter a behavior resolution for an incident?

To enter a resolution for an existing Behavior incident, you can choose one of the following options:

  1. Option 1
    1. Go to Behavior > Behavior Management.
    2. From the Incident Management Editor, select the event that you want to add a resolution for (so that the Incident Detail Information box appears below).
    3. At the bottom of the screen, click on Add Resolution. (NOTE: This is a useful method when entering a mass resolution for an event with several participants, i.e. a food fight resulting in detention for all involved students.)
  2. Option 2
    1. Go to Student Information > General > Behavior
    2. Expand the calendar in which the incident took place, and then click on the name of the incident.
    3. From the Incident Detail box that displays on the right, click on Add Resolution.