I have an AD account but I am not able to log into Infinite Campus. What might cause this?

Some reasons include:

  1. You were not provisioned for IC because an IC Request form was never filled out and submitted. This is to be approved and submitted by your site administrator.
  2. Your AD password is incorrect or has expired. Go to support.ccsd.net>Reset Password
  3. Your AD account has been moved (i.e. per a location change) and still needs to be enabled. Talk to your SBT.


I am a (teacher, OS-II, office manager, etc.) and I do not have access to my school in Infinite Campus.

If you cannot see your school in the Calendar dropdown in IC:

  1. You may not have been moved to your current location (especially in cases of a location change).
  2. Your district assignment (position) does not include the correct IC user group(s).

See your site administrator to submit an IC Rights Request Form to obtain rights at your current location.


An employee is no longer at this location, and needs their access removed from this site.

The site administrator can submit an IC Request form and mark “Delete” instead of “Add” next to the rights on the form.


How do I reset a student/parent password?

To reset a student or parent’s Portal password:

  1. Go to the Search tab and select User from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the student or parent’s name (last name, first name). You may also use the Advanced Search tool to add additional search criteria.
  3. Find the appropriate name from the results pane on the left, and click on the user ID (will appear with an indent just under the person’s name).
  4. You will be brought to the person’s User Account page. Click on the blue Reset Password link on the right.
  5. Enter a strong password for the parent or student (progress bar will reach 100% once a strong password has been entered), and confirm it in the second field.
  6. Click Change Password.
  7. On the User Account page, mark the checkbox for Force Password Change, and then hit Save.


Why can the parent only see one of their children when they have multiple children that should show?

This is most often caused by a Census (household) issue.  These issues can be identified via the Relationships tab, and are often corrected here or by using the Census Wizard. Some examples of what to look for include:

  1. Does the parent have Portal rights to the student(s)?
  2. Is the parent’s Relationship field identified for the student (i.e. “Mother,” “Father,” etc.)?
  3. Is the student missing from the household altogether?
  4. Has the parent been entered twice into IC? (This often means that some students are entered into the household under one parent name, while remaining students are entered under the other name. In these cases, an email must be sent to SDS Help to have the Census data merged).

For any questions regarding household/Census procedures, please email SDS Help.


How can I merge a parent account with an employee account in IC?

To merge an employee’s account with their parent account in IC, email the following to SDS Help via InterAct.

  1. The person’s name
  2. Employee number (if possible)
  3. Both their employee and parent user IDs


How do I pull a list of parents that do not have a Portal account?

  1. There is an ad hoc filter designed to pull the names of parents that are still missing Portal accounts.
  2. It is titled “PortalUsage-Students WithOUT Parent Accts,” and is available via Ad Hoc Reporting > Filter Designer OR Data Export > Portal Liaison filter folder.


How do I get a listing of GUID numbers (activation keys) for parents at my site?

  1. There is an ad hoc filter designed to pull all GUID numbers for parents at your site.
  2. It is titled “Portal-GUID for Parents ALL w/Address,” and is available via Ad Hoc Reporting > Filter Designer OR Data Export > Portal Liaison filter folder.


What do I do when I receive a “You do not have rights to this user” error message?

  1. This is most often caused when:
    1. The student is not enrolled in the current school/calendar year for your site
    2. The parent’s relationships to the student are not properly defined, therefore not granting access to the Portal Liaison.
  2. You will need to ensure that the right school and year are selected in your Calendar dropdown (i.e. if the student is not enrolled until next year, you will have to change the year accordingly in the dropdown).
  3. If that is not the case, you will need to check that the parent has Portal rights to the student in their Relationships
  4. If the student does not have an enrollment at your site at all, please call the Help Desk at 799-3300 to request account assistance for the parent.